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Emmy Ryrstedt

Emmy Ryrstedt

Backend Developer – Tech

Name: Emmy Ryrstedt
Role: Software Engineer
Department: Tech

What does your role at PriceRunner include?
My job as a back-end developer is to make sure that the right data is available for our front-end. I work in one of our teams that are responsible for most things that have to do with our users, such as the profile, lists and price monitoring. But we are also responsible for the start page, product listing page, test page, and the internal tools for creating components on these. So in summary, we have a fairly broad area of responsibility.

How come you started here?
I got a very good impression from the beginning of those at the company that I met during the recruitment process and how they described the work climate and the work of keeping both the site and the staff updated in the latest technology. Something that was also important to me was that I would feel that it is not just a job but a place where I have friends and where I want to be outside working hours as well, which I quickly felt when I was invited to my first AW.

What can a working day look like for you?
Every morning we have a stand-up meeting with the team were we to go through where we are in the various projects and what is to be completed this week. It provides a good overview and is a good opportunity to sync between back-end and front-end. When you know what today's focus is, all you have to do is get started and code. I often sit by myself, but everyone in the team is always available if they want to discuss a solution or need help with something, and sometimes we also run par-programming or mob-programming.

What is the best thing about your job at PriceRunner?
At PriceRunner, we are constantly up to date with the latest technologies and have a climate where it is easy to ask questions and discuss solutions, which means that you are constantly evolving and getting to try new things.

The biggest challenge?
Right now, the biggest challenge is probably that the area of responsibility in our team is quite broad, which makes it a lot to do already and difficult to feel that you have a good grasp of everything. But it is also for that reason that I like my job and my team, because it is very varied and I feel that I am constantly evolving.

Why do you think it's fun to work with us?
It's fun to be in a place that is growing fast and where it feels like we are all a team that is motivated and wants to develop and make our site better. It is always encouraged if you have ideas and there is often the opportunity to change or test something new.

What do you feel most proud of in your work?
I feel proud to work with something that almost everyone benefits from. Something that adds value both for my friends, my family, and also for me personally.

How would you describe our company culture?
Open, flat, playful, helpful, unpretentious, knowledgeable. It is simply a very good environment at the company.

Outside of work, what do you do then?
I am very social and spend a lot of time with my friends. My biggest interests are sports and my absolute favourite sport is kitesurfing. So if it's windy, all my other plans are set so I can go kitesurfing.

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