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Name: Thomas Fallenstjärna Role: Category Specialist, Sound and Visiom Department: Category & Data

How did your journey on Pricerunner start?
I started working here in 2016. What caught my interest from the beginning was a an ad from an external recruitment company that said "Do you want to work with your interest?". You are always promised so much in ads, but I still thought I wanted to check it out. I think hi-fi is very fun and I like music and movies so I had that in mind when I went to the interview.

Tell us a little about what your role contains  
I am responsible for the category audio and video and decide which filters, information and so on should be visible within those categories. We control which attributes and functions each product should have, so if a new product is released on the market with new functions then we may need to add more filters to the category. It is also about knowing what the users are looking for so that we can optimize the category according to their needs.

What can a normal working day look like for you?
I usually start by checking what the day looks like with my group leaders in India. Then I have different categories that I sit and dig deeper into and learn more about. I check which specs are available from the manufacturer, which specs that retailers and stores use and also provide relative information to our users via filters and information texts.

What is the most fun thing about working as a Category Specialist?
I have a great interest in sound and image so it's enough that I get to dig into what I think is fun. I also like that I get the opportunity to help smaller local stores around the country to be seen better and our users to find what they want through filters, texts and so on.

Which is your favorite among the product categories?
I listen to music several hours a day and think that headphones provide the best listening experience. But I am very weak for a pair of really good and nice speakers, it is the last link in the chain that sets the sound standard. Then a lot happens in media players and TVs which is also exciting!

What is unique about working at PriceRunner?
What is very good is that we have an incredibly high ceiling and a creative atmosphere where ideas are encouraged. Here you work with smart, humble people who all want to move forward. It's just bubbling with commitment, it's great!

What do you do when you are not working?
Then I hang out with my family! There will be a lot of building lego, reading books and being out in nature. Of course there will be music and film as well.

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