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Karl Dahlgren

Karl Dahlgren

Tech Lead – Tech

Name: Karl
Role: Tech Lead
Department: Tech

Tell us a little about your role!
I work in one of our teams that is working towards our merchants. We build our portal towards the merchants to ensure that all clicks that occur on the site are included in the calculations. The figures are then sent to the finance department, which uses it for, among other things, invoice documentation.

How did your journey on PriceRunner begin?
I got my eyes on PriceRunner when the company I was previously employed at used the service.

What I value personally is that I myself use the product I sell, because I strongly believe that you should consume what you produce because only then can you make a good result. So I applied and now I'm here! So it's a lot of fun.

What's the most fun being a Backend developer at PriceRunner?
As a developer, you sometimes do not have much say, you just sit and build. But that is not the case here, at PriceRunner everyone has the opportunity to influence. Four times a year we get the opportunity to develop exactly what we want, it does not matter if we succeed or fail, and maybe you want to sit and learn something new.

Once I implemented a feature that I really wanted, and the same week it was out on our site. So it's very fun to be able to influence!

What does a working day look like for you?
Right now we have one of our mega sprints, which means that at Black Friday, for example, we plan what we want to launch until then. When such a cycle begins, we sit down and discuss what we should build and set common goals for the team.

When you have finished a task, you in the team get to review what you have done. In this way, you maintain high quality and reduce bugs.

Which is your favourite of all product categories?
I love games and have all my price notifications on games for PlayStation 4. Working here makes you always want to make a good deal, you almost get a little stingy!

What's the best thing about PriceRunner?
We want to be where it happens and to constantly evolve. I would probably never have started working here if everything was written in stone. We are on a journey and driving PriceRunner forward together.

We are constantly recruiting and looking for new cool people who want to work with us. If you want to be involved in what we do and believe in our idea, there is room!

What do you do when you are not working?
I work a lot because I think it's so much fun! But when I'm not working, I sit at home and program or hang out with my girlfriend. The job has never felt like a job to me, so I am very lucky. Sometimes I learn things outside of work that make me better at my profession and can contribute in more ways.

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