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Stephanie Gardner

Stephanie Gardner

Product Owner – Product


Name: Stephanie Gardner
Role: Product Owner
Department: Product 

Describe your role at PriceRunner!

– I’m not a morning person so usually I don’t manage to do more than check my schedule for the day before my team has to stand up at nine. As a product owner, my day is often split between focusing on the here and now, and planning for the future, and the daily check-ins with the team really grounds me and helps me prioritize my work for the day. My job is to make sure that the system my team and I own fulfills the organization’s needs and to do this I spend most of my time discussing needs and requirements with stakeholders or the team. That generally means meetings and ad hoc discussions but also holding workshops and structuring information for my own and others’ benefit. I really like the sense of responsibility and ownership that comes with the role, and the amount of influence my team and I have in where we want to take our system is a great motivation to me.

How come you joined PriceRunner?
– I was interested because of the product, but what made me decide to join was the vision of becoming the world’s most loved comparison shopping service and the fast paced and agile ways of working that will bring us there.

What makes you proud to work at PriceRunner?
– I think we have a really great product and provide a very useful service. I am one of those people who recommend PriceRunner (and especially the price alert) to everyone. And I have some pretty awesome colleagues as well.

One of our core values at PriceRunner is “Act Bold”, what does that mean to you?
– To not be afraid to try. Everything we want to do won’t be a success but you’ll never know what works if you aren’t willing to try.

“Stay Humble” is also one of our core values, what does that mean to you?

– To me, it means both to not be “fat and happy” and to always meet your colleagues with openness. Basically, to remember that you don’t always know best. For me, that is one of the most important things in our culture and it means that people are always open to hear your ideas, as long as you are open to hear theirs.

How would you describe your team?
– My team is my happy place at work. The team was created while we were still working from home. It took almost a year for us all to be in the same room together, so it still feels like a treat when we work physically together. And it is so much fun to work with such competent people! Team Cat man for 4 evah!

What makes your work fun?
– I love my role, and the combination between planning and doing. But it wouldn’t matter how much I liked the role if the people I work with weren’t so great. It really is the people and the culture which energizes me. It also helps that we get to do some really cool stuff... The occasional after work or “pysselkväll” is always a plus!

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