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Name: Moa Fins
Role: Autotext Specialist
Department: Content

Describe your role at PriceRunner!

– In my role as Autotext Specialist, I work with PriceRunner's product descriptions on the Swedish market. Since we have millions of products, it’s impossible to write texts for each and every one, but fortunately we can use a smart language generation platform to do so. When people ask what I actually do at work, I usually say that it's like a cool mix of copywriting and very (very) simplified coding.

In addition to this, I also work with other types of guiding content for our website, and some days you can find me testing espresso machines or olive oils. So to sum it up, my days can look very different.

How come you joined PriceRunner?
– When I first saw the ad I thought it sounded like an exciting role, and I was tempted to learn something completely new. After my first meeting with PriceRunner, I felt that this was something for me, and that PriceRunner's journey was something I wanted to be part of. And a year later I feel the same way!

What makes you proud to work at PriceRunner?

– It’s very fun to work at PriceRunner, and it’s also a very exciting journey to be part of. I like to be challenged and to develop in my role, and I really think PriceRunner gives me the opportunity to do so. It’s a great work environment and from day one I have really felt that PriceRunner is very caring about its employees. Everything from great working conditions and benefits to fun happenings in the office and gifts in the mailbox. And last but not least, it’s great to work with a service that I love using myself.

One of our core values at PriceRunner is “Act Bold”, what does that mean to you?
– For me, acting bold means that you should be bold enough to express your own ideas and come up with suggestions, and that it may not always have to be a success. Regardless of age or experience, you should dare to make your voice heard. We learn from our mistakes, and as the cliché says: If you don’t dare to try, you can’t be sure what it could have led to.

“Stay Humble” is also one of our core values, what does that mean to you?
– One thing I really like about PriceRunner is that there are so many people who are good at different things. With over 180 employees, there is a huge range of different people, with different competencies and skill sets. To me, stay humble means to understand that there are others who are better at things than I am, and the fact that everyone at PriceRunner thinks the same way, means that we together can create the fantastic service we have today.

How would you describe your team?
– If I had only been allowed to describe our team with three words, I would have chosen: nerds, fun and GIFs. If I may say so myself, we’re a pretty fun bunch of people who love to write. Some of us are also quite nerdy. The nerdism is partly about some of us being real product nerds, this includes everything from vacuums and lawn mowers to skin care and pushchairs. We are also a bit nerdy about content (surprise), and a huge part of our work is to figure out how to best guide our visitors to make the best purchases.

We also have a lot of fun together, and we like to express ourselves by using GIFs. I think GIFs was the first thing I was introduced to when I joined Team Content, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. A year later, I’m all about the GIFs.

What makes your work fun?
– One of the most fun parts of my job is the variety. I like that the days don’t look the same, and that my tasks differ between different days. Another important part of why I enjoy working at PriceRunner is my colleagues, both in my closest team but also on PriceRunner in general. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun at work.

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