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Rebecca Ocklind

Rebecca Ocklind

Frontend Developer – Tech


Name: Rebecca Ocklind
Role: Frontend Developer
Department: Tech

Describe your role at PriceRunner!
– I’m a frontend developer in Team Traffic, which means we are primarily responsible for driving the traffic to our website. We have a stand-up meeting every morning to start the day, to provide some kind of overview of what everyone is doing and how we are doing with our goals for the sprint. After that we work on our tasks. Most often we work by ourselves, but everyone is always open for questions if you have any. And if you want to do a certain task together with someone, all you have to do is ask.

How come you joined PriceRunner?
– I was recommended by a friend that works here and talked very highly of PriceRunner, so I went on an interview and immediately liked the atmosphere here so I decided to join. And it was a very good decision!

What makes you proud to work at PriceRunner?

– What makes me the most proud is that we’ve made such a good product that a big company such as Klarna wanted to acquire us!

One of our core values at PriceRunner is “Act Bold”, what does that mean to you?
– To not be afraid of trying out something new, but also learn from your mistakes. If something didn’t work, it didn’t work. Learn from it, and make it even better the next time.

“Stay Humble” is also one of our core values, what does that mean to you?
– To me it means that all questions are good questions and you are encouraged to ask them, whatever it may be. We happily share knowledge between one another, and are still being humble about that we know something someone else do not.

How would you describe your team?

– As a never ending stream of word puns. Imagine if all traffic lights in a crossing always showed green light, and all the cars are word puns. Sometimes they make the crossing without crashing into another car, and well, sometimes they don’t. But it’s a great team, and super fun to work with them!

What makes your work fun?
– It’s very creative! There is no one way to do something and you always learn new, more efficient ways improve your code.

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