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Katrine Barslev

Katrine Barslev

PR Lead Denmark – Growth


Name: Katrine Barslev
Role: PR Lead Denmark
Department: Growth

Describe your role at PriceRunner!

– My responsibility is to maintain and develop the way people perceive PriceRunner in Denmark. I do this by pitching stories to selected media outlets, both print, radio, and TV, and build good relationships with journalists. It’s impossible to pinpoint a normal day as it’s an ever-changing landscape to work in PR. Often one of my journalist contacts call me wanting statistics or a comment for a story they are doing. I work a lot with data and statistics!

How come you joined PriceRunner?
– My current manager called me 6 months ago and he was SO enthusiastic. I wasn’t really looking for a new job but had a very positive feeling after talking to him. I spoke to 4 people in the team and HR and that was such a safe and thought-through recruitment process, so I felt I knew the company and culture before starting. I jumped at the chance to combine responsibility and freedom with a chance to make a difference for the planet – total dream job!

What makes you proud to work at PriceRunner?
– The reason I became attracted to the role was the chance to influence the way we consume and thereby impact the planet. People will always have a need to buy things and PriceRunner can be their go-to place for mindful shopping. We have great guides, tests, sustainable filters and provides a helping hand in the shopping jungle. I jumped at the chance of being part of a responsible and conscious company.

One of our core values at PriceRunner is “Act Bold”, what does that mean to you?
– To me being bold is to be brave enough to initiate new activities and believe in them. Luckily, I have a great boss with that exact mindset, so I have the support I need to try new initiatives. I strongly believe that we must dare to fail forward. Some things will work, some will not, but a culture of daring, stubborn people are needed to make a difference.

“Stay Humble” is also one of our core values, what does that mean to you?

– A strong value at PriceRunner is that we do things together and support each other. I’ve seen that individuals are praised but most of all teamwork and team results are supported and valued. To be in a team you need to stay humble. Believing you know everything and are always right is not the best recipe for teamwork.

How would you describe your team?
– A very diverse but tight-knit group of great minds and creative thinkers. Everyone takes responsibility, there are no slackers. We support each other and there is always time to get help if that is needed. We work well at the office, but our collaboration works equally well the days we are working from home.

What makes your work fun?
– I love my colleagues and the relaxed, but still fast-paced atmosphere. It’s so much fun to dive into numbers and support journalists with material for great stories. I also love that I have ownership and responsibility of my area and my manager is not micro-managing my every move. We all work from home some days which I personally think is great for writing and nurturing my introvert side. That freedom makes me thrive and grow.

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